If you conduct some research, you will notice that there is more than one effective way to market products online. Generally speaking, we can separate these options into three categories – paid advertising, low-cost marketing, and free promotion. Not every business owner can afford to invest in paid advertising and there are situations when people have to think about their budget. The good news is that these people can still use free techniques that can help them market their products over the Internet. In this article, we will mention just a few of these methods.

Article marketing

Online store owners can always start writing articles related to their niche. So, these articles must be relevant and engaging. This is not something that can help you right away, but you will notice the results eventually. The more unique articles you write, the more success you will witness. These pieces of content will make you look like an authority in the eyes of potential and existing customers. Don’t forget that adding fresh content is affecting your search engine ranking.

Free Classifieds

Many website owners have started ignoring this approach, but the truth is that it still works. Since there are tons of free classified sites out there, you should focus only on the most trusted and most visited ones. The best part is that most of them won’t limit the number of ads you post. Take some time to create attractive ads and post them.

Article directories

There are many article directories that allow people to share their unique content publicly. But, how does this benefit an online business? Well, every article directory allows authors to add a backlink to their website. In most cases, it comes in the form of a hyperlink inserted in the article. However, there are some directories that let users add the link in their signature.

Social networking

This is another great free method of marketing your products online. We all know how popular social media platforms have become and businesses can’t afford to ignore this phenomenon. Creating a fan page on these networks is completely free and all you have to do to get people’s attention is to share relevant, fresh and fun content every now and then. Open accounts on two or three networks and start promoting your products and sharing helpful information with your fans and followers.